Denmead Archery Club

Local archery club in the village of Denmead.
Meets weekly.

Welcome to Denmead Archery Club. We are a friendly and laid-back archery club shooting all year round. Our archers are known as Ville Bowmen and we have been shooting in Denmead for 15+ years.

You will find us at the Kidmore playing field in the summer (April-September) and at the Denmead War Memorial Hall in the winter (October-March). We also carry out have-a-go’s at events in Denmead such as the Village Show in August and the Dinosaur Derby run by the Denmead Scouts in early September.

Denmead Archery Club welcome anyone wishing to shoot with us. We allow all bow styles — Recurve, Compound and Longbows. We even have people who practice horseback archery!

If it’s your first time trying archery we ask that you have completed a beginner’s course before you can join. We run two beginner’s courses a year. If you have already completed a course elsewhere or are an experienced archer then feel free to come down and talk to us or contact us via email on

Summer outdoor sessions

Sundays 9am-13pm & Wednesdays 6pm-8pm (or until dark)

Kidmore Playing Field, Kidmore Lane Denmead, PO7 6JU.

Club membership covers the cost of shooting outdoors. Guests and non-members £2.50 per session. Our outdoor range allows us to shoot comfortably up to 70m and 80yards. We have space for up 17 targets. There is onsite parking and we have an agreement in place with Denmead Scouts to use their toilet facilities.

Winter indoor sessions

Sundays 9am-12pm, Tuesdays 7pm-9pm

Denmead War Memorial Hall, Hambledon Road, PO7 6PW.

Our indoor range is special in that the 5 targets sit on the stage within the hall. For this reason, we can only allow archers who can confidently hit the target at 20 yards to shoot indoors with us. There is a £2.50 fee for all persons shooting.

Contact us

For any queries or to join Denmead Archery Club, please email: 

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We are an Archery GB affiliated club.

We are also affiliated with Hampshire Archery Association and the Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS).